CYTOREADER is our first cancer classifying app (cAPP)

  • Cervical cancer is caused by a persistent HPV virus infection. It is fully preventable if recognised early enough.
  • Automatic screening of samples prepared during womens’ check-ups provides a safe and reliable screening quality.
  • While screening using genetic material is becoming partly available now with high-throughput and good test sensitivity, it does not provide sufficient specificity. Therefore, automation of cytological testing, allowing the visual inspection of cells from patient samples, will be crucial.
  • Biomarkers help here as they provide objective signals for detecting pre-cancerous or cancerous cells.
  • About 50-500 million samples need to be profiled yearly around the globe using image analysis.
  • CYTOREADER is providing automated reading of liquid based cytology slides stained with the CINTEC Plus (p16+Ki67) biomarker assay from Roche using deep learning algorithms.
  • CYTOREADER has been validated on 5,930 patients in 4 different clinical trials by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). This is the largest study currently performed in the field of digital pathology.